How do you charge for architectural & design photography

I use a hassle free half day or full day rate system for most of my project work. This allows me the flexibility to shoot as many images as we need to get the job done properly. It also gives you the flexibility to select the final images you want edited and licensed that best represent your project.

Creative Fee: This component reflects the time and skill it takes to complete the project (half or full day rate), including preproduction tasks: Client meetings, advance site visits, and other site-specific preparation.
Licensing/Editing Fee: After the initial shoot, I spend a significant amount of time editing your images to make them perfect. This includes color correction, retouching, compositing, and preparing files for final delivery. It is not unusual for the Post Production work to consume as much time as the photography.
All the photographs that you select will be licensed to your company with standard licensing usages. This includes company website, company collateral, company presentations, social media (with photographer photo credit) and professional photo competitions.

While my preference is to work on a creative fee plus per image licensing/editing fee, I am flexible and have other pricing options such as a per-image or hourly rate for smaller projects. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your next project.

What is the process of an architectural shoot

First Contact 
We determine the extent of your project, location, budget, deliverables, and licensing for individual or multi party needs.
Scout visit
I visit your location and we go over the logistics. I then take some scouting photographs to go over and come up with the shot list.
Create Estimate
We review, revise, and approve the project proposal. A 50% retainer is due to secure your photo assignment and reserve the date.
Photo Shoot Day
We do a brief site walkthrough together to make sure all areas are ready and make any revisions if necessary. If you are not present during the shoot, not a problem since we discussed everything we need to complete the job. I then shoot all the views, explore alternate views and finish the assignment.
Gallery Created
I will take all the views we shot and create an online gallery for your team to view. At this point you are looking at unretouched files. At this point you are picking the views you want licensed and edited for delivery.
Post Production & Retouching
Image selections are color corrected, retouched and shown to clients in the online gallery for final approval. Additional retouching is then completed if required.
Image Delivery
Payment arrangement is completed and masterfile’s are delivered by Dropbox.

Do you shoot tethered?

Yes, I shoot wirelessly to an iPad that remotely controls the camera and allows the client to see the camera’s viewpoint and set decoration in real time. This way, images can be reviewed and approved on set, eliminating uncertainty and improving the creative process . This system allows for the most efficient collaboration between photographer and client on image composition. 

Who owns the photographs after the shoot?

The photographer does, but licenses their use to the parties. Without additional licensing fees, a designer may use the photographs in company collateral, portfolios, company websites, presentations, social media and design competition submissions. I provide a detailed description of usage rights on every proposal and invoice. All included usage rights can be expanded as part of any projects specific needs prior to the shoot.

Cost sharing…What if a contractor or another manufacturer want to use the photographs?

Cost sharing is when multiple parties come together to split the cost of hiring a photographer to shoot a project. It is important to consider other parties who might like to use the photographs of your project: property owner , interior designers, architects, engineers, landscapers, contractors, manufacturers of appliances, etc.

In cost-sharing, a 25% licensing fee is added for all parties (after the initial client) prior to the shoot. Then the total fee is divided equally among all parties involved. This results in a significant savings for each client. Here is an example of what a typical project could look like ( Every project is completely different, please do not read this as what your project will cost. )

Project Example (10 photos)
• Creative Fee: $1600
• Licensing/Editing: $1000 ($100 per photo)
  Total: $2600

Cost-Sharing Example (2 parties)
• Total Shoot Fee: $2600
• Additional Party Fee: $650 (25% of total cost)
 Subtotal: $3250
  Total: $1625/each Party
Cost-Sharing Example (4 parties) 
• Total Shoot Fee: 2600
• Additional Three Parties Fee: $1950 (25% of total cost X3)
  Subtotal: $4550
  Total: $1137.50/each party 

NOTE: Should a another party that was not part of the cost-sharing agreement want to use an image after the shoot, each image will need to be licensed separately through me. Using the example above, the party would pay $299 per photo (total shoot cost times 15% before cost-sharing). The reason for this is that any entities who want to license photos after the shoot already know what they are getting. The hiring parties are assuming all of the “risk” in not knowing the final outcome of the images and are receiving the best rate.

NOTE: Lets quickly talk about licensing in terms of image use. A photo license agreement is entered into by the photographer and client, granting rights to the use of the images. All clients involved are allowed to use the images within the terms of the photo license which can be negotiated in advance of the project. Clients involved in the photo license are not permitted to share the photographs with anyone else. They would have to be licensed separately by me for the new client.

How long will my shoot take?

Architectural and interior design photography differ widely from project to project. On site shooting and post production time vary as well. Perfection is key. So lighting, staging, and subtle adjustments can take longer depending on the amount of images we are creating.

You will have your proofing gallery within 3 days after the shoot. After the photograph selections have been made, expect delivery of completed retouched photographs within 10-14 days. I will do my best to surprise you with an early delivery.

Timing can vary, based on full or half day of shooting and the volume of post-production. Feel free to give me a call or email for an easy estimate.

What is the difference between architecture, interior design and real estate photography?

What is the difference between architecture, interior design and real estate photography you may ask? Architecture and Interior design is a very stylized form of photography. During a design session, we are more focused on the vignettes of a room. In real estate photography, it is more about showing the space.

When shooting design and architecture, all the objects within the frame are placed at an exact point to tell the story and create emotion. We are also shooting tethered to an iPad during design and architectural shoots. This give my clients and myself a big screen to look at and perform precise adjustments within the frame. With these shoots comes a lot more attention to detail and time spent on an individual photograph in contrast to shooting real estate.

Pricing for architecture & design photography are generally constructed on a half day and full day rate system. Pricing includes creative fee and a licensing/editing fee.

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